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Is three years advocacy is mandatory to become a judge ?

As we all know BCI IS Major association of law first and foremost we must understand It has not become a law yet In supreme court the become a law yet. In Supreme court has become apart in the cases and has put their opinion that 3 years advocacy is mandatory to become a Judge Now we will try to analyze the issue from the eye of BCI and the students.

(i) law students who have passed their graduation he/she can be competent to take the exam of RAS / IAS etc. and on other hand If we talk about civil Judge and class firstly a student has to pass their graduation and than he/she have to pass their U B and than after he/she will be eligible for judiciary exam. students are already in a loss of their age factors as compare to other exam. For Instance at the age of 18 years students who has appeared for exam then In addition. If he wants to become RAS/IAS then he/she needs to be age of 21 years and Similarly If he/she wants to become a RJS/HCS etc. then he    She must have to add 3 years more for order to complete for judiciary exam.

In Indian If we see the situation of female law students. Their after their graduation now it come possible for them to not to get married for long In that case How can a female scuffled their dream to become a Judge. Moreover

In India Mostly Girls Parents married their daughters in young age.

BCI Itself recognized and approved the registration of the law college/ Universities of the law college/ universities. therefore they are support to make moot court and Internships compulsory as part of Syllabus to enhance practical Knowledge and conceptual clarity during law course.

BCI itself observed their comp tarry of College. BCI itself observed their comp tarry of College before approved of those universities those universities  are not conducting method court their license must be cancelled.

In same of law Institution faculty has not made it mandatory to attend regular classes for each and every student. Same college offered discount for to the student and they want them to merely attend the exam.

Why Moot court is not mandatory. BCI must Visit or Inspect either

law Universities / college are doing their duty well or not?

Why BCI cannot ensure practical Knowledge to the students in college level?

why they cannot formulate the law Course to be practical oriented rather than syllabus oriented.

BCI should Launch the events for students even BCI can conduct some knowledgabl events or seminar for students like their are for various courses.

Every Candidate who has successfully cleared the Judicial exam has to under so a mandatory training period of 11 months. This training session in conducted only to trained the new judges and make them Samiliar with the procedure aspects of the courts room. The given training period can be extended to ensure better results.

These must be Highly paid trainer are appointed in training of selected Judge. The question in why training is not Highly sufficient. If month training trimming is not sufficient to make a competent Judge than time Can be Increased to required Period.

Every Candidate who is becoming Judge has to pass Interview Stage which conducted by highly qualified and proficient panel of honorable high court and supreme court judges.

Selected person is not because there are some new judges are not competent or capable enough to work property. Its is not to clearly said every new Judge is not competent Their Interview center can be more Strict.

Law Course is tough professional course and only that student can clear the Judicial service  respectful dedicated and service towards the shield.

If such criteria is approved than many law graduation will suffer mentally as not law student comes from a law background. Every person should take their own responsible. clients will give case only senior or experienced. advocates. They don't give their case to new comes advocate. Even if they charge lesser for their case. They don't take any kind of risk with their case. Then has a new advocate with their responsibilities BCI Knows very clearly about the young advocate suffers in the court who has not law background.

Even it is not necessary he will get the cases to flight that he holds such personality to be part Bar. In That case BCI must pay sufficient amount for new practicing advocate so that they can fulfilled their Basic responsibilities.

Moreover It a candidate practices in court for three years and than get selected Judicial services that what will happen to cases that he appears for every case will not necessary be concluded with in 3 years Is it not a loss of the party who engage him for their case. Is a advocate first practice in the court and than earn approx. 1 lakh per month than why he goes for judiciary why he waste their time.


The law must not be passed. Moreover. There can be some other minor/major changes that BCI can do in that.

* Law college/ universities provides practical knowledge or students and In practical portion of court must be compulsory for every student.

* Judiciary has given the training for 11 months for new Judges It they think it is not enough time to make them competent they can increase their training time period.

* Law has already competent at the age of 24 years than how it come possible for a law student for increasing 34 years more.

* Regular classes in college/ universities and Interview faculty and training and training must be more competent. .

this is jus our opinion . we want to be informative  



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